Dessin Mogul™ is a very unorthodox company with original methods that get results you can measure. That’s why our digital marketing services stand out to you immediately. Take a look below and notice how we have a completely different take on what we can do for your brand in each digital/online sector. 


Facebook has a platform with over 2.7 billion monthly users worldwide and is the biggest social network to date. Your brand needs to leverage a piece of the pie. We walk you through a step-by step overhaul of your facebook presence, refresh your imaging and posts timing, and identify key points in your audience.


Your brand or business needs clever content to stay relevant. Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users, and 145 million daily active users on standard. Here's how we help your brand capitalize on this. We build out 6-month & 12-month social strategies for twitter where we personalize your brand tweets and provide you an ideal workflow and schedule for posting. Of course you'll get clever tweets created.


If your brand doesn't have at least a small youtube presence, you are leaving money on the table. Youtube has 2 billion users worldwide, and about 79% of all internet users have a their own youtube account. A youtube presence can be anything from DIY videos to reviews & walkthroughs, to educational videos. We find the best content fit for your brand and help you produce.


Instagram is one of the number one tools for free advertising for brands and influencers. Not only can you build extreme fan support around your brand or product, you have an array of creative tools to run awarness campaigns daily, for free. Strategy on instagram is effective for brand growth.


With over 60 million users, Medium is a powerful tool for your brand. In addition to the several networks we own, we publish professional publications on Medium- an elegant, minimalist platform for articles and press. Not only do we provide our own PR for your brand to boost SEO and increase your reputation, we show you how to create and publish important media concerning details of your brand.


We do some creative work to get your brand unmatched perks. Stand out to an entire audience of over 238 million users with beautiful GEO-Filters for your events, business location, and more. Don't use snapchat? we set up a 6 or 12 month strategy for your to run universal content from Instagram stories, IGTV, and facebook stories, to cover a niche audience on snapchat also.


with over 320 million users, pinterest is one of the most powerful visual social media networks around. Want to power up your SEO and brand awareness? Don't over-look pinterest. With us, we'll build out your pinterest with original content and backlinks to power up your SEO and google search.


by 2019, more that 5.6 million people had backed more than one project on the kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Sometimes kickstarter isn't all about the money. You can gain a loyal fanbase for your product or brand with people who want to feel a part of your mission. Expand your mission with a kick-ass-kickstarter campaign designed by us.


Yelp, the website that publishes crowd sourced reviews about businesses, has more than178 million uniq visitors monthly across mobile and desktop devices. We'll make sure your business is registered on yelp and suggest ways in your network to generate friendly customer feedback for testimonial support & search-engine optimization. Boost your reputation with us, by claiming your business listing on yelp.


Amazon Prime ended 2019 with 112 million US users according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). We can help prepare your amazon e-book for sale, or free giveaway resource material. This is a deep component to your business that will give readers the value you know you can bestow upon your audience. Educate your audience with a custom e-book centered around your brand or business.


We like to reiterate that it's 2020 and brands need every bit of zest they can conjure up to stay in business during this "pivotal" year. One of the best new was to support your brand is with our strategic marketing on spotify. Our affiliates at WITNESSTHEFAME™ Records curate playlists for your brand that boost marketing, and introduce a more vivid sense of the culture of your brand/company.


Is tumblr still popular in 2020? As of July 2019, the obscure social media platform had surpassed 472 million registered accounts according to This social network is bigger than most, and is extremely visual based. Let us power up your business and SEO with a beautiful tumblr extension to your social media networks. We automate your instagram to feed tumblr similar content for 6 or 12 month strategies & campaigns.


The world's largest professional network with over 706 million users is another excellent way to make sure your brand has the most premium presence on the web. We work to establish your company profile on linked so that users may follow your company, follow your updates, articles, and even list your company as a place of work on their resume. You can attract the attention, business, customers, or workers you need here.

Wix is a great way to begin professionally broadcasting your brand without the headache of expensive web-design, or extensive research and study. If you want a cozy/ reliable blog to direct users to, a beautiful website, and the ability to update beautiful landing pages quickly, then wix is your best bet. For digital marketing purposes, we build super-fancy wix landing pages for brands, products, campaigns, and more.


Shockingly enough, Vimeo is still a relevant platform with 240 million active monthly users. Vimeo is more and more niche so your videos have a much much higher chance of being discovered and followed within their community-driven platform. With significantly less competition on Vimeo than youtube, we can help build you a beautiful, unique channel of vimeo videos that impact and truly tell your story.

digital Marketing with the Media Buffet™

Besides our agency-level services above, we offer an array of more tightly-designed packages with focused results. We have so many specialty packages that it may be best to browse them all before making up your mind on exactly what service you’ll need from us. 

These packages are ideal for established brands, executives who need to outsource creative content creation, new brands who need to establish themselves fast with high quality content, influencers, small & local business owners with no creative team.

Some brands that have benefited from our marketing: