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DESSIN MOGUL, LLC provides multimedia, digital marketing, and advertising services that are of high production value, and affordable costs. Utilizing the principles of Video Production, Graphic Design, and Photography, Dessin Mogul™ delivers Brand Consistency to power up your Visual Idendity. 

Your brand’s visual identity is how you shape perception and create an impression in an individual’s mind through the visible elements of your brand. Images are one of the most powerful forms of communication because they don’t always require words.  

At Dessin Mogul™ it’s always a pleasure doing business with you. We offer Creative Solutions for your business, company, public figure, or even individual professional development. What do we mean by so-called “Creative Solutions?” Well in order for your product, brand, company, or public figure to succeed in a saturated market you’ll need to stand out like no other. Our team of creatives offer you that original flare and edge to make an impactful visual impression on your target market. The power of design and creativity should never be underestimated. Offering premium graphic design, consulting, package design, layout, business card design, web design, photography, film, iconography, and more, DESSIN MOGUL™ is the most rewarding way to get top-class corporate visual agendas that make your mark for the world to see. No matter what form of media you’ll need, we create you the founding visual basis that will remain as timeless as Paul Rand’s UPS and ABC logos. Dessin Mogul™ has as many creative solutions as you need. 

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DESSIN MOGUL® is a purely creative incubator at its core and we believe that “business is pleasure.” To enhance both without neglecting the other is to service the universe with world-class creative product(s) all while providing the most spirited and soulful creations from scratch.

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Business without pleasure is like a canvas without paint- a purpose without direction. Pleasure without business is simply the bliss of ignorance, and the neglect of order. 

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We value originality above all other creative traits because we believe that being original is the only way to set creativity apart from a saturated market. 

Originality is always our way of saying thank you because we provide you the manifestation of artful ideas. 

Our Mission

is to empower worldwide business and pleasure with everything creative.

The DESSIN MOGUL™ mission is to empower business and pleasure, globally, with the successful brand-identities, creative solutions, and visual-agendas needed to make an exciting, creative impression on target demographics. We don’t just offer fine art and design. We offer a right-brain for your company, brand, product, or individual. Think of our agency as an accessible creative-component of your brand designed to enhance creative choices, develop visual media for your use, and provide innovative ideas and consulting. We enhance business and service pleasure through multi-media communication: