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Media Buffet™ For Dr. Shola Brand

For only $1200.00 USD Dr. Shola Spiced her Brand up with fresh, relevant content and custom media. It's called our media buffet™. The results were phenomenal because our client has been able to use the various images and videos she received over and over again. The significance of this project is that we gathered and created all the content in one 2-hour session of filming. This is what we can provide your brand with just two hours of production time.

Service Portfolio / Multimedia > Photography + Video

Professional Testimonial Videos, Corporate Videos, & Coprorate Event Photography {Digital}

Jackson Corporate Law Offices provides businesses advanced legal support and an array of different legal services. This portfolio showcases some of the work Dessin Mogul™ has provided over the years including their testimonial videos, corporate event photography, corporate team photography, and more!

6-Panel Album Case / Multimedia > Design > Package Design

Professional 6-Panel CD Package Design {Print}

Stunning Music Industry Graphic Design for Jazz Project. Percussion Legend, TOCA (live!) presents: "Summer Manna" on an elegant 6-Panel CD package design for physical print. This project successfully portrayed our capacity to gracefully organize tons of information and copy within very limited canvas space.

Deck / Multimedia > Design

Press Kit Design

We prepared this portfolio piece for a pretty well known brand: Ask Dr. Renee. The results were spectacular! Our client was able to utilize these original slides to send as a digital PDF booklet for potential sponsors to get on board. This project was especially difficult because we created all imagery from scratch. We went above and beyond to get her this deck in time enough for her to market an  event. We successfully got this to our client with short notice.



This particular portfolio piece was a much more elaborate development. We completed these images for a non-profit organization called the Intangibles of Life™ Foundation. The results of this project were spectacular. The Client truly enjoyed all the variations of the seal he wanted and we embodied is vision perfectly.  plus what the results were (potential customers love to hear about real-world results). Discuss any unique facets of the project--was it accomplished under an impossible deadline?--and show how your business went above and beyond to make the impossible happen.