Our Approach

Our Mission is “to empower worldwide business and pleasure with everything creative.” Our Motto is “Everything Creative. Only Original.” Our official brand slogan is “More Business, More Pleasure, More Mogul.”


Not only do we want to become the world’s leading agency in providing creative content for advertisement and marketing; our goal is to become the most prized and original ad agency to date. How? Through simple approaches that maximize small brand access to professional multimedia tailored to tell your story.


The Moguls

We are creative champions because we provide the utmost customer satisfaction while retaining integrity in every service no matter how small. Some objectives to support our goals include: maintaining our company philosophy, dedicated staff to customer satisfaction, constant innovation of operations and service protocol, and the development of 3rd party tools that educate and guide clients through easy branding processes.

The Dessin Mogul™ think tank currently provides creative digital services and consulting with a fundamental basis in film, photography, and design. Our plan is to empower business, globally, with successful visual creations that deliver impactful messages. We can deliver these messages to a target demographic. Design Mogul also specializes in creating cohesive and fully functional brand identities for newly founded companies or brands.



You know what they say about saving time.

Save time when you do business with us. We cut straight to the chase and always teach you something new.



Save Money with Dessin Mogul™.

Our Media Buffet packages allow serious brands to build a lot of powerful, original content in a short period of time.



Gain new insight on branding.

Gain true and tried branding and marketing insight through our powerful consultations for only $75.